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Weird but True!
well, not really...
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Now, in this photo of Abraham Lincolns wife, taken shortly after her husband was assasinated
we are expected to believe that the apparition behind her is that of the late president.
Now, besides the obvious fact that her face just happens to be the same color as the so called apparition
it's plain even for the untrained eye that the figure in the background is really Washington! I mean..get a life Mary!

The photograph below is said to be the ghostly images of two sailors, accidentally killed
aboard the SS Watertown, then buried at sea only to reappear several days later
following the ship.

Now forgetting for a moment that there were no photographs of the two sailors taken while they were alive to compare with,
old records of the ships logs have recently come to light indicating that these two cooks did indeed meet with accidental
death, after serving fish and crabcakes at dinner for the seventh day in a row. The records also go on to say that the men were easy to
photograph because they were actually tied to the ship with a rope!

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