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Weird but True!
well, not really...
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Having decided that the first step in any investigation was documentation of evidence, I armed myself with an up to date camera, a fresh roll of film and a small can of mace.

(One can never be too careful when dealing with the unknown)

I began my investigation with the house itself, having been chased off my neighbors property by his dog while testing the camera out.
The first room I decided to examine was the kitchen, due in part to the fact that there always seemed to be an odour lingering in the air.

My wife was in the kitchen making dinner, so I quietly took a few snapshots. I noticed an inconsistancy the minute the photo developed!

In the first of two photographs taken of a side counter, the lid of the bowl is on, and apparently quite secure....

The second photograph clearly shows,( after I had just directed my attention away for a moment,)that something about this bowl is not right...

I was astonished to say the least. When I asked my wife if she had noticed this weird happening she replied " Get Out!." Obviously she was overcome with fear!.


This next photo is even more shocking.
While passing the laundry room,(another place with a lingering odour)I took these pictures moments apart. Notice the basket is quite full in the first shot, and appears for all intents and purposes, normal.

The minute I had refocused, I was alarmed to see this..

Fearing I might startle my wife even more, I refrained from pointing out this terrifying sight, and left to continue my search elsewhere in the house.


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