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Weird but True!
well, not really...
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In what proved to be perhaps the weirdest set of circumstances I managed to photograph there seems to be no obvious answer.
It began innocently enough with my daughters request for a ham sandwich at lunchtime.
Nothing unusual so far.
As I made the sandwich, my daughter and I made small talk about the days activities, the weather,
and other subjects designed to keep us occupied while the page loaded...I mean..while the sandwich was being made...
Changing her mind after the sandwich was prepared seemed to trigger this event, which I managed to document over a period of three days.
The sandwich literally followed her!!! as she went about her daily activities and it stayed fresh!!!
While she tried to study...sandwich

While she tried to study with a friend...

While she watched TV...

When the whole group played outside...allkids

As can be seen, wherever my daughter went, whatever she was doing, the sandwich was waiting, and trying to be noticed.

I tried several experiments with the sandwich including:
Taunting it.
Making faces at it.
Poking at it with a butter knife.
Threatening it with a no name sandwich spread.
And finally, dancing in circles around it while singing a Hanson tune.
My conclusion was that outside influence had no effect whatsoever on the true intent of the sandwich.
A neighbor's dog finally ate it.(This photo was taken just as the dog saw me spying..I mean testing my camera)

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