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Weird but True!
well, not really...
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This is probably the strangest of all the pictures presented. The phenomenom seems to centre around the dryer!.

Amazingly enough, when two matching articles of clothing ie: socks are placed in the tumbler, one or NONE will come out!

Note in the photograph that there does not appear to be any other opening except the main door. Could there be an unseen spectral doorway that opens of it's own will?.

Another angle.

I experimented by using only two socks as a full load
but the appliance would not be fooled. It was only during an actual full load of clothes that
socks would begin to vanish.
I conducted these tests over and over, with the following results:

My Hydro bill took off faster than the latest Star Wars movie..
Most of the clothes I tested ended up looking like they wouldn't fit Topo Gigio...
My wife threatened to carve me a new portal of my own...
The people at PhotoMart closed my account and contacted my therapist...

The search continues as David reloads his camera and proceeds to the second floor. The next installment is coming soon...

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