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Lynda Rae's Place
Have fun!!! Enjoy!! Hi Ange!! :) Hi Shelly!! :) Mail Me!!! :)
Stuck in someone else's frames? break free!

LyndaRae's Place.......
Kid's Rule!!!

Thanks for coming by and I hope you have fun looking around.
I have put in a little about everything here but you probably noticed right away that I love Unicorns..right?.
Actually, I love everything except learning html, because the more I want to do here the more I have to learn, which is a lot. I'm trying to learn how to do mouseovers but it's like learning to speak Martian or something. :)

It's so cool that I got these, thankyou so much. Now I'll work even harder.:)

These people are very special, thanks again.

Mail me...
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So many people gave me guidance and advice for my first site that I can't list them all.
So I give you all a big :) Thanks!